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We at Alliance would like to officially announce the addition of Jerry “EGM” Lundkvist to our Dota 2 team.

After some time apart, EGM will once again join the Alliance family. A cornerstone of the legendary team that won The International 3, EGM is a world-class player, and we are excited to once again have him join us.
Jonathan “Loda” Berg, Team Captain of the Alliance Dota team wanted to say the following:
“About one and a half year ago we made a tough decision. A decision that would forever change our history as Dota players. We removed a player that had helped us immensely, with the hope that it would make us stronger, closer and also more synergized as a team.
Today I am happy to announce the return of EGM. Some of you might question this decision. It’s scary to remake a lineup, a lineup that won it all, a lineup that went through tough losses and ended our second year together with disappointment. Some of you might call this a mistake, that looking back is a sign of weakness. But to me it feels like fate. The circle is once again complete and Jerry, you are now back where you belong.”

EGM had the following to say about joining Alliance:
“Since parting from Alliance after TI4 I’ve pursued success in a couple of other teams, but now time has come to make my return to Alliance, and I’m looking forward to once again playing with my old friends. Exciting times are ahead of us, be prepared!”

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