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Jon "Orange" Westberg joins Alliance
Gothenburg, Sweden - September 28, 2016 - Alliance, a world-leading esport team, is happy to announce our first expansion into Hearthstone by welcoming Swedish competitor Jon "Orange" Westberg to the team.

Jon is a Hearthstone veteran and burst onto the competitive scene after winning ESL Katowice in early 2015. He continued to impress, and cemented his place at the very top of competitive Hearthstone after winning Seatstory Cup III a month later. Since then, Jon has proved time and time again to be an extraordinarily consistent player, using his inspiring dedication and deck-building prowess to achieve multiple top-tier finishes. Together with a competitive mentality and brilliant mind, Jon is a perfect fit for the Alliance brand.

Jon will continue his career as one of the best professional Hearthstone players in Alliance and will bring a unique perspective into the competitive Hearthstone scene by producing vlogs from the tournaments he attends around the world.

Fresh off a Top 8 placement in PGL Bucharest and qualifying to represent Sweden in the World Electronic Sports Games in Kiev early October; Jon will put on the Alliance jersey for the first time this weekend while competing at Gigacon in Norway. Make sure to follow him and Alliance on our social media for further updates.

"I've had my eye on Jon for quite a while now, even before he took first place in ESL Katowice one and a half year ago, and I've always been impressed with both his technique and professional mentality toward the game. In addition he's also one of the most consistent players which, in a game like Hearthstone, is far more impressive than a single first place victory. I believe Jon is a perfect fit in Alliance and I'm very happy to have him represent the Alliance brand as our first Hearthstone player."

- Erik Barge (General Manager) @ErikBarge

"I couldn't be happier to announce that I will be a part of Alliance. It's truly an honor that Alliance have chosen me to start up their Hearthstone division and I am giving my all to make sure they won't regret the decision. So far the interactions I've had with everyone on the team have been amazing and I immediately recognize what people mean when they talk about the "Alliance-family".

For me this means that I will be able to focus on playing competitive Hearthstone and focus on my true love and passion. For you reading this it means that I will be able to stream more consistently and also I will start uploading vlogs of the events I go to together with the launch of a brand new YouYube-channel. I couldn't be more excited to start this new journey with Alliance and get to know everyone on the team as well as all the fans."

- Jon "Orange" Westberg (Hearthstone Player) @HS_Orange
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