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As you guys know, the playoffs are just behind us and we managed to not only qualify, but also grab the #1 seed for Europe in the World Championship in September after winning 3-1 in a Bo5 series vs both SK and Fnatic. We also managed to dethrone Fnatic from their three EU Playoffs championship titles in a row, making us the first ever team apart from Fnatic to win an LCS split playoff.


Tabzzz_SiteIt will be my second time playing on the World Championship stage, as I have competed once before in the Season 3 World Championship for the Lemondogs team. In that tournament, we didn’t manage to make it out of group phase and went home with third place in the group. We were in when the top two (OMG, and SKT T1 who later went on to win the whole tournament) advanced to bracket play. Although I went home disappointed, I was still happy that I managed to display my skill on the worlds stage, and was already looking forward to returning to that very stage in the near future. Now, I will have another chance to play there and another shot at the World Champion title. The #1 seed should give us the best possible seeding to get as far as we can.


I am looking forward to playing against the Asian teams especially since they gave me a hard time last year. Their duo lane play is aggressive and punishing and requires you to be on top of your play or be pushed out of lane and denied. Compared to Europe, where the supports play passive generally, it is a very different experience. I feel there is amazing duo lane talent in Asia and playing against them is humbling. I would really like to meet the SGW botlane, Imp and Mata. Imp was very fun to play against last year and I look forward to play against him again.


Currently, Nyph and I are not a very aggressive duo lane in the lane phase and will have to work to adjust correctly to the aggressive Asian play, so we don’t get punished too much during the laning phase. Fortunately, we have a while to prepare and we will do our best.


Be sure to watch the games and root for us!


By Erik “Tabzz” van Helvert

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Snaky Senpai

26.08.2014 @ 12:08 PM

we are all confident in your skills tabzz go on and win us worlds

Marcus Von Karlsson

26.08.2014 @ 12:26 PM

I’d really like to see on on world stage, you’re the only one left from old school lemondogs who’s in a competive scen. i love lemondogs

Kevin A

26.08.2014 @ 12:34 PM

Ill be rooting for you guys all they way! Go Allaince!

PJ Salt

26.08.2014 @ 1:11 PM

gl tabzzerino


26.08.2014 @ 2:59 PM

Good read. I’m still worried about the botlane passiveness because I think it should come naturally not by forcing. And if it doesnt come naturally even though it has been shown to be BEST way to play in 2v2 lane due to strangle your enemy. Since it doesn’t happen in EULCS I highly doubt it will succeed against Asians. I will gladly be proven wrong though.

I think Wickd is a bad toplaner and if bottom lane cant answer the aggression of the asians bottom lanes will both side lanes crumble making both of the lanes crying for help that will make shook unable to play his own game and make froggen 1v2 against their mid and jungler.

I have high hopes for Alliance as i’m hoping to see them in top4(semis) but even though im not professional analyst or anything, it’s hard to see it realistically happen.

But no matter what will happen i’m sure I can proudly say that Alliance.LOL is the team I cheer for and that you will do everything you possibly can do.



26.08.2014 @ 4:18 PM

I will fucking root for you guys, I believe in you! #GOALL


26.08.2014 @ 4:24 PM

Good luck man! Really looking forward seeing you play vs them and will be rooting! :)


03.09.2014 @ 10:58 PM

Good luck at World!/

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