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After the brilliant performance we witnessed from Johan “NaNiwa” Lucchesi at DH Summer no one expected the meek results from this fan favorite in WCS EU.

NaNiwa who dropped down to Challenger League after the Round of 16 will now have to fight it out to claim himself a spot in the next season of the Premier League. This season he finished with a solid 13-16th place earning him 200 WCS points and a $2000 prize. Naniwa being the driven individual he is was not content with his result. Despite this, we have high hopes for him using that energy to something positive and win the upcoming match.

Last time we talked to Naniwa in his most recent interview we learned that he has a hard time with PvZ, but with HOTS still in its infancy the meta is constantly changing.

NaNiwa is seeded into the 3rd and final round of bracket 8. This is not his last chance to claim a spot and if he loses this match up he will still have a shot in the coming group stage.

He himself confesses he perform best under pressure, but will the pressure to qualify be enough for our hero to focus and take this home on Thursday? Or will we be seeing him again at the group stage?

Match Results

Thursday, 23 May at 12pm EST (18 CEST)

NaNiwa < Tefel (0-2)

Written by Marie Näsström

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23.05.2013 @ 12:11 PM

Time 2 shut down some Zerg.

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