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We at Alliance would like to officially announce the departure of Johan “Nuts” Andersson from our Dota 2 team.


After playing with Alliance since the beginning of September it has unfortunately become time to part ways with with Johan. He’s been a vital part of our success as a team this season and we’ve enjoyed having him on the team.


Johan has proven himself to be a player worthy of recognition during the past months and we’re very grateful for his dedication to the team. We’d like to wish Johan the best in his future endeavors in Dota 2 and hopes he finds a new home soon.


Johan had the following to say as he’s leaving the team:


“This past months have been a mixture of success and adversity but I’m happy to have played with Alliance during this time, even though it didn’t work out in the end. I wish all of them the best of luck going forward!”


Jonathan “Loda” Berg, Team Captain of the Alliance Dota team wanted to say the following:


“Our time with Johan has been great, and even though we didn’t win any tournament together I think we achieved quite a lot together. We started off the season quite slow, with some lackluster results, but we fought our way back, and qualifying for the major together + winning the WCA Open Qualifier meant a lot to us as a team. Nonetheless we have all felt that something has been off, and even though our results at the major hit the team quite hard I would not put it as a reason to why we make this change.


We will announce our final roster after The Defense, where we will participate with a stand-in.


I wish Johan all the best in the future, and I know that sooner or later we’ll face each other on the battlefield again.”


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