April 12 2022

An anniversary week to remember – game together, ALLfam forever!

Time to celebrate! The month of April equals anniversary month for Alliance. This year we celebrate our 9th year of excellence in esports, and we want to celebrate it with YOU! So the theme is… GAMING.

Alliance was founded in April 2013. It is a player-owned organization, driven by dedication, teamwork and community. Today, on the 12th of April, the celebration of our organization’s 9 year anniversary begins- and it will be a good one!

We have planned for numerous activities that will take place during the next seven days and there is something prepared for each of you fans from all over the world. See the schedule below:

12th April – Big giveaway for the #ALLfam
Enter the raffle on all Alliance social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, even VK and Weibo for a chance to win amazing prizes!
Signed jerseys, fan-bags with Rattio, Alliance cozy blankets as well as exclusive 9 year anniversary signed Razer mousepads with signatures of all Alliance members.

13th April @ 19:00 CEST – Dota 2 Game Night: Team w33ha vs (?)
Are you a Dota 2 fan? Then try your luck and play alongside w33 or with one of his team-mate who will captain the opposing team (to be decided by $ALL token holders on Socios app) in Dota 2 game night.

14th April – Quiz contest
Very difficult quiz for true Alliance fans, to qualify for the prize you need a 100% score.
How well do you know Alliance? Test your knowledge and win one of the super awesome [A]scent mousepads, one of our new favorites – a custom Razer mousepad with Art from our very own illustrator – Woogie.

15th April @ 18:00 CEST – Crab Game Night with #ALLfam
You have watched, laughed and been entertained by our weekly game nights hosted by Drunkmers. This week we invite YOU to come and have fun with our game night regulars hosted by drunkmers at try to win the Crab Game.
Regulars include AmirPhanThom, Annamaja, AdmiralBulldog, Loda, Lacari and more!

16th April @ 15:00 CEST – VALORANT Game Night: Team Hype vs Team Danah // @ 20:00 CEST – Alliance Apex community games
Back to Back events on big saturday. 2022 February Team Razer MVP Hype will try his luck against Coven captain Danah with fans joining the battle in Valorant for a sweet 3 matches to start the day. And then our Stockholm Major bound Apex Legends will invite you to a very fun night of community games at 8pm. Stay tuned to socials and find out what game modes will be played, you don’t want to miss it! The sign up  for the Apex event can be found here!

17th April – [A] Surprise for the fam

18th April – New trailer & more
We will premier the trailer for docuseries called “The [A]scent” which follows the organization and the Dota 2 squad coming into Division 2 of the current DPC Season and their way back from the bottom to the very top. Stay tuned and find out when it will premier.

Join our Discord in order to find out how to get picked for the games, for more information and your questions.

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