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Alliance announces Dota 2 performance team

Alliance announces Dota 2 performance team

World-renowned esports organization Alliance announces their Dota 2 performance team that will assist the squad in their continued success

Since its formation, Alliance’s Dota 2 team has been amongst the best Dota 2 teams in Europe. Thanks to hard work and determination, along with skill and team spirit, the team had an impressive second season of DPC, where they ended up qualifying back to Division 1. With a new performance team, Alliance intends to carry on with the success in the DPC.

Alliance’s new Dota 2 team manager is Heroes of the Storm 2017 World Champion, Filip “SmX” Liljeström. Filip played four years as a professional HoTS player and took a role as CS:GO team manager for two years, under the umbrella of FNATIC. With Filip’s championship mindset, the plan is for the squad to excel and continue their success.

Moving on to Bugra “Wimhaen” Baydar, who has a degree in Labour Economics and is a perfect fit for the team. He has knowledge about different management styles in individual fields, such as project, wage, tournament and team management. Bugra has already worked with the team and completed his trial successfully with Alliance when they qualified back to Division 1 this past season. He is now officially joining the team as an assistant team manager.

Alliance’s co-founder and CEO, Jonathan “Loda” Berg, will continue as the Dota 2 team coach. Described as a natural leader, Jonathan is very keen on keeping Alliance’s stellar reputation and positive mindset going, building on their strong legacy for a strong future, with the experience he gained through his long and successful esport career as both a player and coach.

“Loda” made the following comment regarding the future of Alliance Dota 2 team:

“When I returned as the Dota 2 coach earlier this year I understood that to break back into the top we had to redefine our culture of excellence, not only in our players but also in our staff. It’s been a pleasure to work with Arthur and Bugra throughout the previous DPC season and with Filip now with us I’m convinced that with time we are continuing on a path of greatness to bring Alliance Dota 2 back to an Aegis contending team. We will all do our utmost to grow a great team into champions and to play the most exciting games for our fans worldwide”.

By Jonathan’s side, he will have Leon “Arthur” Lee, who is thrilled to officially join the team as an assistant coach after succeeding in his trial with Alliance in Tour 2. Leon has been around in the SEA region for years as a caster and coach. With his familiarity and experience in dissecting teams and their play styles and also his role being a bridge between China/SEA and Western scenes and game styles, Leon will be working closely with Jonathan in pushing the limits of the players and the team.

We are looking forward to a new season and what it holds for us with the only grand plan in mind – to successfully qualify to The International.

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