generalMay 6 2020

Alliance starts a new partnership with top-class analytical agency Esports Charts.In an ever-changing industry, data is invaluable to the survival and growth for an organization. With the new partnership that Alliance today announces, the organization will gain analytical data to properly value the decisions and content they make.

“It is very important to have valuable insights and accurate data in our fast-evolving industry. Coupled with our long time data partner Newzoo, adding Esports Charts will help level up our game and provide more accountability to our existing or potential partners and sponsors. With this new partnership we can expect a comprehensive view and a deeper level of understanding, especially but not limited to, our professional matches and digital content” says Kelly Ong, CSO of Alliance.

“Since the Viking times, northern nations have conquered not with quantity, but with skill. Alliance is not an exception,” says Sergii Rudenko, Esports Charts Head of Sales and Partnerships. “Our new partner possesses true Scandinavian determination, discretion, and a great will to win. With our new partner, we will gain even more confidence and work even harder to develop the esports market.”


About Alliance
Alliance is a world-renowned esports organisation fielding competitive players across some of the most popular video games in the world. Shortly after Alliance’s inception, their Dota 2 team, headed by Jonathan ‘Loda’ Berg, catapulted to the top of the scene with an innovative playstyle and went on to claim the Aegis of Champions when they won The International 2013.Alliance’s mission is to create a lasting legacy that supports esports experiences across the globe. In working toward that goal, they’re determined to be a responsible organisation driven by their core values of dedication, teamwork, and community.


 About Esports Charts
Esports Charts is the multi-sense big data-mining and analytical agency for esports, traditional sports and entertainment. The agency collects, researches, processes and analyzes data and statistics of live tournaments, real-time in-game events, players’/teams’ performance, and even spectator reactions and emotional contexts. Esports Charts’ statistics makes esports more honest and clear and helps sponsors, organizers, and viewers to find out the degree of popularity of any broadcast and esports event.


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