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Alliance are proud to welcome their new Yoodo PUBGM squad

Alliance are proud to welcome their new Yoodo PUBGM squad

World-renowned esports organization Alliance have been part of the Apex Legends universe since 2019. With the recent 5 year anniversary of the game, fresh talent is on the horizon.

Last week it was announced that Oscar “Yuki” Jiang took a step back from competition and will remain on the bench as a sub for the foreseeable future. The departure of Yuki might have come as a surprise to many and he had this to say about it;

“Hello ALLfam, After 4+ years of playing competitive Apex and a majority of those years in Alliance – the time has come for me to step down from the team. Being part of this community has been an unforgettable experience, filled with triumphs, challenges, and most importantly, the unwavering support from all of you. Each cheer, every word of encouragement, and the shared excitement during our victories have made this journey truly remarkable.

I want to express my deepest appreciation to all of you who have stood by my side, cheering me on through thick and thin. I am forever grateful for the incredible memories we’ve created together. I have immense confidence in the team’s future, and I believe they will continue to soar to new heights. To my teammates, coaches, and the entire organization, I extend my heartfelt thanks for the camaraderie, mentorship, and the unforgettable moments we’ve shared. As I embark on new adventures, I hope you’ll join me in wishing the team all the success and victories they deserve. ”

Yuki’s final ALGS weekend was a bittersweet moment with a 5th place finish, but all good things come to an end and after rain comes sunshine. Today Alliance are happy to share that another young prodigy has joined their ranks. Andre “Unlucky” Türk has signed a two year contract with the organization;

“When I started playing Apex competitive I never dreamt of joining Alliance, honestly it’s a dream come true. Filling Yuki’s shoes won’t be an easy task but I’ll try my best to make this team even better than they were before. I’m really confident going into this together with Hakis and Effect, both absolute beasts in the game. Now we have around 3 weeks to lock it in before our first Pro League day together. Time to grind!”

Alliance is currently placed 8th in the ALGS Split 1: Pro League, in need of a strong finish to ensure qualification to the Split 1 Playoffs. The team now has about 3 weeks to get comfortable with each other, find their synergy and polish the strategies. Team captain, John “Hakis” Håkansson said the following on the new addition to the team: “Teaming with Yuki for the past 2,5 years has been absolutely amazing, but all things come to an end. With Unlucky joining the team it will basically be like having 2 Effect’s on the roster, I can almost go on vacation *laugh emoji*. Having the 2 best fraggers in EMEA gives me a lot of confidence going into the upcoming days of Pro League.”

Alliance will still go to Japan together with Yuki as previously announced, where they look forward to enjoying the scenery and participating in the Asia Festival. Next day of the ALGS Split 1 Pro League will be on March 2 at 7pm CET.

John “Hakis” Håkansson (C) – Twitter / Twitch / YouTube / Instagram / TikTok
Miron ”Effect” Novikov – Twitter / Twitch / Youtube
Andre “Unlucky” Türk – Twitter / Twitch / YouTube / Instagram / TikTok
Martin “Pjeh” Aaymari (Team Manager) – – Twitter
Alexander “Noth” Selfwin (Coach) – – Twitter
Pontus “Chef P.” Bengtsson (General Manager) – Twitter / Email


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