Alliance.Coven completes roster

June 14 2022

Meet the two players making the team whole

Alliance.Coven is the world renowned Swedish organization’s all women VALORANT team. Created at the very beginning of the year, the team has since then had some ups and downs trying to find their footing and make their mark on the VALORANT scene.
After the last VCT Game Changers, Coven had to undergo drastic changes. Due to a difference in vision and direction within the team, leading to a mutual decision to part ways for now with IGL Danah and Pinkalie, who were both with the team from the very start.

Today begins a new chapter for Alliance.Coven as they are excited to announce their final two players to complete their Coven. Give a warm welcome to:

Ece Selin “Kuripuuya” Balikdere
Tina “Joliinaa” Agéli

Turkish Kuripuuya has previously played on Futbolist Female and Nomads, impressing Alliance to such point playing against them that they had to request her for official trials. Now, she’s joining Alliance.Coven as the new in-game leader and smoker.

Swedish Joliinaa is a former CS:GO player, and a hidden gem within women’s VALORANT. Alliance has been impressed by her raw talent, and can’t wait to help develop this hidden gem into one of the best players and teammates in the world.

Being able to support the women’s esport scene has been a project very close to heart for Alliance, and they are extremely proud of being able to do so with Coven. Having the roster now complete, it’s going to be thrilling to see how the new roster will do.

Chief Strategy Officer and Co-owner Kelly Ong had this to say about the roster change:
“As we continue to invest into VALORANT as one of the Alliance’s flagship esports titles, we proudly welcome our two new players into Alliance.Coven. We will continue working hard and lead by example to encourage even more women going pro in esports. I am excited to begin working with this new iteration of Coven as well as helping to develop our players to achieve their goals and more”.

Support the team by following them on:
Joliinaa – Twitter
Kuripuuya – Twitter \ Instagram \ Twitch
Xaline – Twitter \ Twitch
6sonya – Twitter \ Twitch \ Youtube
Speedwk – Twitter \ Twitch \ Youtube