Alliance releases their all female team: Coven

July 25 2023

An end to this chapter

Alliance are always driving the evolution of the industry forward with the passion, innovation, and irrefutable talent from all its members. Among their proudest moments was the announcement of their entry into competitive women’s VALORANT in January 2022. Since then, the team has become a fierce force in RIOT Games’ Game Changers and has also participated in a number of renowned tournaments under the Alliance banner.

Today, Alliance announces the end of this story with the release of their Alliance.Coven roster. It’s with a heavy heart they’re breaking the news, but feels it’s the best decision for both parties moving forward. Alliance would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the amazing women who helped build Coven since its inception.

Alliance.Coven’s roster:
Maria “6sonya” Istrate
Laureta “B3AUTIFUL” Hajra
Melinda “Melzz” Blomqvist
Lola “fluxxy” Ainslie

Alliance would also like to extend an especially big thank you to 6sonya for her incredible commitment and talent throughout the one and a half years she has been with Alliance. As captain, she helped navigate, evolve, and inspire the team and everyone watching.

Co-owner and CSO Kelly Ong had the following to say about the situation:
“Being able to support the GC scene and all of Coven’s players in the past 1.5 years has been an incredible honor for all of us in Alliance.

We have achieved many of the goals we have set together as org and players. However, we have also failed to deliver other goals as well. We understand that building rosters in a new scene may involve risk and changes. In the past 1.5 years, we have not been able to maintain enough stability in the division to achieve what we believe is crucial to the development of a team in such a competitive scene. As such, we have had to make the painful decision of taking a step back for now to re-evaluate our involvement in the GC space.
Many of the Coven members are also new to professional esports competing in their first few years, so we are very grateful to have gotten the opportunity and trust to work with all of them. Everyone involved, staff and players alike, did all they could to learn and embrace what being a pro would mean in modern in esports together – both in and out of the server.

Finally, I want to thank all the players, staff and fans who have been together with us on this memorable journey with Alliance.Coven. We learned a lot and definitely hope to come back stronger in the future.”

Alliance will, as always, continue working towards bringing the most competitive and entertaining esports divisions to the industry, and they hope to be able to reintroduce Coven in the future.

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