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Gothenburg, Sweden — December 12th, 2016 — In 2012, the first seed of Alliance was sown following Jonathan “Loda” Berg’s return to Sweden. Together with his long-time friend Joakim “Akke” Akterhall they set up a new team that would go on to make history by claiming the Aegis of Champions at The International 3 the very next year.

GoodGame, the parent company and original creator of Alliance, was acquired by Twitch in 2014 to bring a broader array of sponsorship support and monetization opportunities to the esports industry. Alliance remained an independent organisation to prevent potential conflicts-of-interest.

Alliance has become one of the most recognizable brands in esports with acclaimed players such as Adam “Armada” Lindgren leading Smash, and a Dota 2 legacy that has created countless memories that has allied fans and players alike.

Today, we begin a new chapter. We’re pleased to announce Alliance will be owned by us, the players. Twitch will have no ownership stake going forward.
Alliance has been centered around its players since inception, and this focus will continue as we venture into a new era. We will continue as a responsible and driven Nordic-focused esports brand.

“After playing and working with Alliance for almost 4 years, I’m very happy to be able to experience and take part in a new side of the organisation. We will bring the experience we’ve gained over the years in the scene and do our absolute best to retain Alliance as an organisation that people are proud to follow and cheer for. I want to especially thank Alex Garfield for believing in us and mentoring the team from the start as well as GoodGame and Twitch. Let’s make more unforgettable memories together like we have done in the past.”
— Joakim Akterhall, Co-owner

“I’m very excited and happy to be a part of this new journey for Alliance with Jonathan and Akke, as well as the rest the owners. I also wanted to take this chance to properly thank Twitch for helping us through this process as well my former colleagues at GoodGame whom all was a pleasure to work with. I especially wanted to thank Colin DeShong for believing in me when I first started working for Alliance back in 2013.”
— Erik Barge, COO

“It’s been a long road since I returned to Europe to create (together with Akke and the rest) what would start out as No Tidehunter and later become Alliance. Working together with Alex Garfield and GoodGame we were able to create a team and brand that we could be proud to represent. When, down the road, GoodGame was acquired by Twitch our future looked even brighter. I’m very pleased to see Twitch share our vision and helping us by giving us the tools to expand and evolve as an organisation. With this divestment they have given majority control to us players from the old squad and a few others. With ongoing support and partnership with Twitch we are well equipped for the future. Our dream has always been to expand into more games to be able to support players doing what they do best, which has now started with Hearthstone and will continue with other divisions. Thanks to everyone at GoodGame and Twitch who have made this possible: Kevin Lin, you have showed that you believe in us and have helped us come to this point where we can truly call Alliance ours. Special thanks to Alex Garfield and Kelly Ong, both of you have lived and breathed Alliance since the very beginning, and we would not be where we are today without the two of you.”
— Jonathan Berg, Co-owner and Dota 2 Team Captain

All of us at Alliance wish to thank our friends, our fans, and our partners; our allies for supporting us in the past, today, and in the future.
Long Live Alliance.


Written By

Kelly Ong

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