Alliance welcomes new streamer to the organization

May 14 2022

World-renowned esports organization Alliance is excited to welcome “xiinya” to the family

Alliance has a great group of streamers entertaining fans globally. Today the organization introduces the newest addition to the stream team – “xiinya”. “Xiinya” is a Japanese Twitch streamer who started streaming her gaming escapades late last year. She streams a plethora of different games and activities such as Dota 2,Valorant, IRL streams about Japan and on occasion sings for her audience.

Xiinya is a perfect fit in the Alliance family, with her varied and fun streams. Being the second female to sign with Alliance’s stream team, she contributes to the diversity the organization is aiming for. Moving forward, Alliance is hoping to welcome more women to the family with the same immense talent and charisma that Xiinya has.

When asked how she discovered Alliance in the first place, Xiinya said:
“I first discovered Alliance, when I had just started playing Dota and was watching a bunch of Dota movies and immediately got intrigued by the organization. I would say that I officially became a fan when they beat Dendi Navi in the final with his pick. I am really happy to join Alliance because all the people are so nice and warm.

When she was asked what her expectations were around joining the Alliance she responded:
“Im looking forward to getting some international experience as well as creating a lot of memories with the Alliance family”.

To find out more about “Xiinya” and her streams look here:

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