Alliance x CS2

September 28 2023

Göteborg, Q3 2023
The #ALLFAM have spoken, and Alliance has listened.

After years of anticipation, we are thrilled to announce our entry into CS2, a game that fans have been requesting us to enter for over a decade. Having patiently monitored the FPS genre and esports landscape, waiting for the right moment to strike, we believe that the time has finally come to make our mark in this highly anticipated title and genre.

“Our entry into CS2 is a monumental moment for Alliance,” says Jonathan Loda Berg, CEO and founder “It has been important for us to do this in the right way and in line with our values and the values of our fans. Our dedication to fostering talent and creating a supportive and winning culture has allowed us to become one of the most respected organizations in the industry, and that legacy is something we want to bring with us. As we step into the realm of CS2, we are poised to bring the same level of dedication, strategy, and passion to this new chapter.”

Jonathan “b0denmaster” Bodenmalm (CAPTAIN & AWP)
Niclas “PlesseN” Plessen (RIFFLER)
Robin “robiin” Sjögren (IGL)
Arvid “avid” Åberg (RIFFLER)
Simon “twist” Eliasson (RIFFLER)

Daniel Pani Aicardi, the acting manager for the CS2 team adds, “The announcement of our entry into CS2 is part of a bigger strategy to rebuild the Swedish esports scene into its former glory. In addition to the team, we will start a youth association linked to Alliance that will invest in and strengthen young people/players, regardless of cultural, socioeconomic or religious affiliation where the common denominator is the love of esports and gaming. We will also start an Academy and conduct various community meetings around Sweden. Our ambition with the CS2 team long term is to compete on a global level, but as this is our first venture into Counter-Strike we will focus in the immediate short term on our local competitive scene.”

Already this weekend fans will have a chance to watch the team play their first tournament under the Alliance brand through the invitational to MEO XL GAMES, PORTIMÃO 2023 where they will stand against among others MIBR, aTTax & FTW.

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