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dota-2August 31 2017

Gothenburg, Sweden  – August 31st, 2017 – Two weeks ago we announced that we were releasing a part of our Dota 2 roster. Going into the next season we have decided to rebuild the Dota 2 roster entirely with Jonathan “Loda” Berg back in charge as the team captain. Thus we are announcing the departure of Axel “Pablo” Källman and Adrian “Era” Kryeziu in order to rebuild the team from scratch.

Jonathan has the following message to our fans about the upcoming season:


As most of you know I’ve been away for a few months, away from playing, and away from everything that has pretty much been my life these past years. It’s been

great to take a step outside of things to remember who you are and why you did this in the first place. This past year has been… interesting. It made me question why I play Dota. Why do I play for Alliance? What is Alliance? Why am I still trying when there are easier places to go? I was playing for the results, or perhaps just not to lose… In the end I think I had to leave the team to remember how to be on a team at all.

So… Why am I still here? Well it’s because of you – a bit of a cliché perhaps – but meeting a lot of you fans this summer reminded me of my origin and also answered quite a few of my earlier questions! Going to Peru reminded me that I am doing this because of you, but also with you (Viva la Peru). It reminded me that what I find fucking amazing about esports is those of you that were there in the beginning: the guy who grabbed my arm and mentioned a game from 10 years ago; the guy who tattooed the [A] logo; even the idiot that tells me to ask s4 if he remembers the million dollar dream carl ?

I have returned to the Alliance Dota squad. But in comparison to last year I will take some time to get the roster ready. Rest assured I’m extremely hungry to play some officials, but everything in its own time. I might switch to a very uncharacteristic role in order to better lead the team, but it all depends on what we will need.

I have been away for some time, so for now I will just grind Dota. Alliance was and should be a team that WANTS to play with eachother more than being a team solely made to win. Alliance is being part of a family. Alliance is dealing with each other’s problems because you want to win TOGETHER. It might sound simple, but sometimes you do not even want to win because of whom you’re playing with. ^^

Pablo joined our team when we were going through some tough times, and he has always been a hard worker and a natural fit in the Alliance family. I would bet that this is not the last we have seen of him, but with the future being as uncertain as it is we will let him go for now.

Era was and is a bright spark of light. It was great seeing you interact with the fans at The Final Match, you have grown into a real pro and I am sure we will see more of you this year. Good luck to you both!

I am back and really looking forward to competing in the next season. Long live Alliance!

P.S. Please spam Bulldog and Akke to make a Swedish team together for WESG this year!


Additionally we would like to thank both Axel and Adrian for their hard work during the past months and wish them the best of luck going into the next season.

I would like to thank Alliance and its management for all their help and very big shoutout to all the fans for their support. – Axel “Pablo” Källman

I’d like to thank Alliance for giving me the opportunity to join them leading up to TI. Even though we did not manage to qualify we had lots of fun, which to me is the most important thing in the end.

I was only part of the squad for three months but it did not take long for me to feel like home. I wish all of my teammates in [A] the best for the coming season, where I hope to see all of them competing. Where I will end up is yet to be finalized, but this will certainly not be the last you’ll see of me! – Adrian “Era” Kryeziu

We’re going to the major!

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