Alliance to fully rebuild Dota 2 roster

September 30 2022

Alliance has decided to fully rebuild the current Dota 2 division to focus on the upcoming 22-23 DPC Season.

The main goal of qualifying and representing the organization during The International was always a cornerstone while making changes during the latest DPC Season. After successfully fighting their way back to Division 1, but ultimately failing to stay in it, Alliance found themselves back in Division 2 for the start of next season, as well as falling short to qualify for The International 11. This rollercoaster of a performance and emotions that the organization and its fans saw concluded in a final decision that is being made with a heavy heart; management is ready to turn a new page.

CEO Jonathan «Loda» Berg statement:

Releasing the full roster was not a decision we made lightly, especially since we have a history of developing and overcoming struggles. To say It’s not been an easy season would be the understatement of the year, but there has been much good as well. Every mistake is a chance to learn and we’ve made a lot of mistakes.

I want to thank the players, coaches and support staff for working incredibly hard to turn things around all the way until the end and even though I don’t think the poor results does any of us justice, that’s the nature of competition, it’s ruthless.

Sometimes things just have to end.

Going into next season we will be doubling down on our commitment into Dota 2 and towards mustering a lineup that will do us all proud. I want to give a HUGE thanks to all our fans, family and sponsors for their continued support throughout this time and even though it’s been a real hell to go week after week without a win it’s been a little bit less painful to go through it with you ALL.

And remember, rats survive everything.

Yours sincerely

Jonathan “Loda” Berg

Alliance already started the process of putting together the new roster. Stay tuned and follow Alliance socials to receive latest updates:
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Alliance x CS2

September 28 2023