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Gillette Labs Nordic Cup Grand Finals

Gillette Labs Nordic Cup Grand Finals

This is a paid partnership with Gillette.

Gothenburg, Sweden, 26th June 2024 – As the weekend is approaching we are getting ready for the €10,000 Grand Finals of the Gillette Labs Nordic Cup, taking place at Inferno Online (Odengatan 60) in Stockholm, Sweden this Friday on the 28th.

After 4 weeks of exciting qualifiers with over 700 signups, we can happily present the 20 teams:

Team Mande (Mande, Gnaske, Trankintor)
Team Hakis (Hakis, Taylor, Chluzio)
Team iPN (iPN, LiNkzr, Panadoli)
Team TryhardThor (TryhardThor, gdolphn, 5orben)
Team Graceful (Graceful, Vaifs, f0rest)
Team Slab (Slab, Mysi, Hu1ma)
Team YungHongKong (YungHongKong, Friqz, awik)
Team Tseitii (Tseitii, Juhis, vavetaki)
Team JuliLax (JuliLax, Lisa, Miisa)
Team N1ko (N1ko, Roligan, Shadez)
Team Baazeh (MB, Freddtown, Opphran)
Team Juuso (Juuso, GuhDaaym, akuma)
Team BatRMG (Bat RMG, MaybornXD, Clover)
Team Sinetic (Sinetic, King Viktor, sherb)
Team Oblivion (Oblivion, Dotlove, Shaggy01)
Team Tolkien (Tolkien, Mania, JuicyMcGoozy)
Team BrittMarieFPS (BrittMarieFPS, Ashtad, zayxlol)
Team Yuusaki (Yuusaki, Mayhemal, Spurde)
Team Stequ (Jambo, Juzzi, NCin)
Team Ko0mbra (Ko0mbra, xStrongest, Plomme)

The tournament will start on Friday 28th June at 15.00 CEST on
If you missed any of the action please find a recap here

The prize pool for the tournament will be a stunning €10,000 split to top 3
First place: €6000
Second place: €3000
Third place: €2000

If you want to come watch the action LIVE you are welcomed to come watch the games at Inferno Online.

We look forward to seeing you there!
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