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Last week, Alliance announced the signing off a Quake Champions team. We sat down with the players to give you, the fans, a better opportunity to get to know them!Questions:


  1. Hey! Introduce yourself to the Alliance-fans!
  2. Could you give a quick rundown of your gaming and competitive gaming career?
  3. Excluding Quake, what are some games you enjoy watching/playing?

Dan “BusdriverX” Brown

  1. My name is Dan, I’m 21 years old and I’m from the UK.
  2. I’ve played games for as long as I can remember. I started off at a very young age with games like Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and Age of Empires. I was probably 9 or 10 years old when my dad introduced me to games like CSS, HL2DM, Wolfenstein ET, CoD2 etc. FPS quickly became my favourite genre but as I got older and developed the desire to compete it looked to be in a bad state. I had an appreciation for Quake and arena FPS but I didn’t think it had a real future. With Quake Live in decline, CS:GO appeared to be the only relevant shooter and I did not enjoy CS gameplay enough to pursue it. Overwatch came around and I was not enthusiastic about that either, but with how quickly the competitive scene grew and established I felt that I had made a mistake missing out on the game. I promised myself that the next big FPS title I would play more seriously and compete in it. I hope Quake Champions proves to be that game.
  3. I’ve played League of Legends on and off since 2010, so it would have to be that. I love watching high level LoL/Starcraft. Korean teams/players have the most insane talent and their practice culture and commitment to the game is really inspiring.

Krzysztof “Syndrom” Gil

  1. Hi, my name is Krzysztof “syndrom” Gil! I’m 30 years old, and from Poland. I’ve been happily married for almost 4 years. I love animals, and I have both a cat and a dog!
  2. I started playing video games really early, and got my first computer when I was only 9 years old. I played games like Need for Speed, Quake and Duke Nukem 3D. I remember playing these games without MOUSE, which is kinda weird looking back at!When I was 15, I started playing Quake 3 at an internet cafe (I only had a 56k modem in my house). One year later, I got my first proper connection (64kb ISDN), which made it possible for me to start playing Quake 3 competitively in the local Polish scene. I played mostly TDM with top Polish clans. My connection didn’t really allow me to play on servers outside Poland. After a few years, I took a break from Quake, as I met my future wife, and stopped playing video games for a while. In 2016, I got access to the Overwatch beta, and this time I had both time to play and proper connection. I made a Polish team with few Polish players, and after one month we joined the Polish organization “Sferis Pride”. After 3 months we placed top16 in few tournaments but failed to achieve what we set out to do. At the same time, Bethesda released a Quake Champions teaser, and I immediately thought  “Ok, this game is for me”, and I feel that OW is not the FPS from me.
  3. One of my favorite games to watch is Hearthstone, I played it for while, but only for fun! Still, I managed to get to Legend eight times in a row! I don’t play it anymore, but I really enjoy watching it! I also love RPGs like “Witcher 3”  or more old school games like Baldur’s Gate!

Baeza “Strenx” Kevin

  1. Hello, my name is Kevin baeza, I am 26 years old, from France playing for Alliance
  2. It’s a long list! I started playing Quake competitively when I was 16, and won ESWC France. I managed to do some nice results such as 2nd at Quakecon in 2011, and winner of 52 Zotac Cps in Quake Live. I did a Facebook post in 2012, describing my career in greater detail.
  3. To be honest with you, I always liked Quake, and I don’t think there’s another game I like!

Sebastian “Spart1e” Siira

  1. My name is Sebastian “Spart1e”  Siira. I am a 30 years old Swede!
  2. I have been competing at the top level for many years, with placements such as 2nd place ESWC Athens 2008, and 2nd place in Quakecon 2009.
  3. I like to watch Overwatch, even though I don’t play it.


Written By

Kelly Ong

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