Alliance parts ways with Latin-American roster

April 9 2023

Alliance has after much consideration decided to remove the whole active roster and evaluate their future plans for the region. Mainly we have had many issues around roster and team stability, which led to this decision.

The organization is grateful for all the amazing contributions made by Alliance.LATAM members during their time with Alliance, both during on and off competition.

The news of the departure may come as a disappointment to fans and supporters, but Alliance remains committed to building a strong and competitive presence in the Latin-american esports sphere and will continue to work hard to ensure that for the fans.

Jonathan “Loda” Berg, CEO Alliance comes with a statement regarding the matter:

“When we entered the region the main criteria we had was to have a stable team with a stable roster. Our goal was always to keep the 5 players of Hokori, so when we agreed to make changes after the first DPC season this year it was with the clear direction that no more changes would be made after this. Sadly our direction was not respected and when the team approached us to kick 4nalog as well as one more player, it was clear that this was no longer what we signed up for.

This is a sad day as we have to say goodbye to the entire active roster, however goodbyes are not forever and we hope to one day return to LATAM again with a team that can reflect our vision and values.”

Don’t forget to follow the players and send your support on their future ventures!

Edward “Lumière” Guillen – Twitter / Twitch / Facebook
João “4nalog” Giannini – Twitter / Twitch / Instagram / Facebook
Pablo “Vitaly” Angulo – Twitter / Twitch / Instagram / Facebook
Yelstin Verde “Elmisho” Hurtado – Facebook
Anthony “Gardick” López – Twitter / Twitch / Instagram / Facebook

Marco “Zero” Pozo – General manager

Alliance x CS2

September 28 2023

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