Alliance is proud to continue to support their PUBGM division

August 27 2021

Alliance is proud to continue to support their PUBGM division

In June last year, we signed a young and talented team of PUBG Mobile players. It was a really proud moment for us, being able to show support not only to the CIS region, that has been such incredible fans to Alliance over the years, but also to be able to step into the growing, dedicated mobile esports market.

Today, we’re happy to announce that we have renewed the contract with our PUBGM players, and will continue to work together with them for another year.

Alliance’s PUBGM roster consists of:

Alexandr “sunrise” Yurkovskiy [C]
Klim “diskrim” Galitskiy
Roman “headache” Dolgih
Alexandr “rud3r” Alhovik

The team has been through incredible growth in the year they’ve been under the Alliance banner, not only as a team and their in-game skills, but also as individuals. The team has become stronger over time, and has had some incredible results so far together. As late as May, they won the CIS PUBG Mobile Pro League Season One.

“A year has passed with Alliance, there have been ups and downs. During this time, each of us has grown as a person and as a professional player. I’m waiting for the moment when we will lift the trophy!” says team captain Alexandr “sunrise” Yurkovskiy.

For us at Alliance, following and supporting our Russian PUBGM team has been an incredible journey. All of our players are still young, but have shown great pedigree when competing during the year. The gang has managed to juggle school together with professional play, and during the time also cemented themselves as one of the top teams.

Next up for the team is PMPL Season 2

Be sure to follow them on their social channels to cheer them on in their future endevours:

Aleksandr “sunrise” Yurkovskiy (c) – Twitter // Instagram // VK // Youtube

Klim “diskrim” Galitskiy – Twitter // Instagram // VK // Youtube

Aleksandr “rud3r” Alhovik –Twitter // Instagram // VK

Roman “headache” Dolgih – Twitter // Instagram // VK

Colleen “Aura” Allyson (manager) – Twitter // Instagram


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