PUBG roster changes

pubgDecember 20 2017

Gothenburg, Sweden  – December 20th, 2017 – Alliance announces changes to our PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds roster. Odinn “OdinThor” Thorarinsson and Erwin “Romz” van der Staaij will part ways with the team, effective immediately. Together with the remaining players, Valur “veazyy” Pálsson and Michael “Ciggzy” Higgs, we are looking for new talent to complete the team.

With the official release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds soon upon us, we are looking forward to how the competitive scene develops and are intending to improve our results with a new roster. As replacements have not yet been found we will play with stand-ins for the beginning of the 2018 season as we try our new members of the team.

I am sorry to say that Odinn and myself will be parting ways with Alliance. With that said, I would like to thank Alliance for the great support, it has been an honour representing you guys! I wish my friends Ciggzy and veazyy good luck in future tournaments, we will still be rooting for you! Odinn and I will continue to play PUBG, and we are especially excited with the new map coming soon!

We would like the extend our gratitude to Erwin and Odinn for their time on the PUBG team and wish them the best of luck in the future. Stay tuned for more updates on the roster in early 2018.

PUBG roster changes

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