dota-2January 26 2018

Gothenburg, Sweden – January 26th 2018 – After the announcement of our new Dota 2 roster in late November last year, the team has not been able to participate in any matches due to our midplayer Michael ‘miCKe’ Vu’s arm injury that he would be receiving treatment for during the winter. Originally he was supposed to undergo surgery but luckily we sought out a second opinion from the physiotherapists at LvL Up E-sport Medical Center. Their staff has helped Michael treat his injury with physiotherapy during the past weeks and steadily his condition has improved. Kyan Tahmasebi from LvL Up had the following to say regarding the injury.

miCKe’s injury, neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrom (NTOS) is somewhat the result of the long static strains an esports athlete need to endure in order to be a top player. miCKe’s issue could have been solved much earlier. The main problem lies within the public health sector and its lack of knowledge about this new emerging client group. There are lots of players today with some kind of gaming injury and nowhere to turn to.

At the LvL Up E-sport Medical Center we focus on the player and we use our knowledge about human anatomy and biomechanics of gaming in order to fully understand the problems we face. In miCKes case we used knowledge about neurodynamics, stretching, manual mobilisation and home exercises to address the issue. Fortunately miCKe is feeling a distinct improvement of function and less pain during intense gaming and with hard work and determination he can put this painful time behind him and start focus on the game. We are honored for the trust of having a key role in miCKe’s fast recovery and hope to see Alliance at the top of their game again.

As Kyan points out, we are happy to say that Michael’s arm is now in a state where he can play again, although he is taking it easy to not put too much stress on it. With Michael back on track the team is once again able to practice, and will have their first bootcamp as a team in the beginning of February.

The new team will make their debut in the Dota 2 Asia Championship EU Qualifier, which starts February 6th. We are very much looking forward to seeing all of our fans come cheer for the new squad!

We’re going to the major!

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