April 23 2021

Alliance have loved being part of the Apex Legends community for two years now, and it’s been quite the ride. They participated in X-Games, they’ve earned tens of thousands in prize money, they’ve placed first in multiple tournaments and have an incredible amount of podium finishes.

This past year was supposed to be filled with fun, adrenaline filled LAN tournaments for the players John “Hakis” HåkanssonSimon “Vaifs” Bellini and Kha “iPN-k0u” Nguyen. Instead, with Covid-19 running rampant, Alliance’s Apex squad has been playing professionally from their own homes, not being able to see each other much at all.

Despite the challenge that Covid put on the team and the esports world as a whole, Alliance has had an incredible year. The year started off slow, but they picked up momentum and collected more than 8 (!) first place finishes, ending the year as the number one ranked team in Europe. The boys also managed to meet a few times for bootcamps at the Alliance Headquarters, making incredible memories together as a squad.

Today, Alliance could not be happier announcing they are re-signing their Apex Legends division for two more years. The hard work their team has put into the game and the organisation has not gone unnoticed. The players have not only cemented themselves as one of the best teams in the world, they have also become important community figures for their organisation and their game, growing their own personal brands through streaming and being vocal about their profession.

Nobody gives a sh** about Apex as much as we do. Therefore I’m proud to announce we have extended our rosters contract for another 2 years. We are the hardest working team in Western Apex and that will show the next LAN,” says team manager Pontus Bengtsson, who has been with the division since the start.

“When Alliance offered me my new contract I didn’t even blink,” says team captain John “Hakis” Håkansson“I’ve been very happy with the org throughout 2020 and a pandemic we couldn’t see coming. We have a good home here and I am proud to represent the organisation and continue building and showcasing greatness together. I can’t wait for the next LAN so we can finally show what we’re capable of. We are here to dominate!”

With this extension, Alliance are also happy to announce that Jasper “Kano” Jacobs is joining them as their Apex Legends Community Manager. Kano has been in the Apex Legends scene since day one, most noticeable for being the solo operations holding down the Apex Legends page on He is beloved by the community and Alliance are happy to have such a valuable asset aboard. Follow him on

The team is currently playing the qualifiers for GLL Masters Spring, and in June the gang will play the most important tournament in quite a while – The Apex Legends Global Series Championship.
So make sure to follow the players on their channels, to take part of their legendary adventures:

John “Hakis” Håkansson (C): Twitter / Twitch / Youtube / Instagram / TikTok

Simon “Vaifs” Bellini: Twitter / Twitch / Youtube

Kha “iPN-k0u” Nguyen: Twitter / Twitch / Youtube /  Instagram

Pontus “Chef P.” Bengtsson (Manager): Twitter