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Updates in Alliance APEX

Updates in Alliance APEX

A new year means new beginnings for Alliance’s Apex Legends division.

Alliance’s Apex Legends team has been one of the very best since the beginning of their forming. They managed to score an important qualification to the Apex Invitational at X Games Minneapolis in August leading to the Pre Season Invitational hosted by EA and Respawn in Kraków – placing in top spots in almost all of the tournaments they attended both online and offline during 2019.

Now, a new era dawns for Alliance’s Apex Legends squad. Going into 2020, Lowley will be taking a break to focus fully on his health.

“Apex was the first fps game I played where I realized I could do more than just play the game for fun. At the start, I loved the game – I played more than eight hours a day and could not stop. But 3-4 months ago, I was just not as motivated, and the game became unplayable to me. Everything felt like a chore. Over time, it hurt even more since I did not want to hold back my teammates. I’ve decided to take a longer break to focus on improving my own happiness with blessings from my manager, teammates and org” Philip “Lowley” Olsen says. “I want to thank everyone, for everything, really. All the friends I’ve made and the wonderful time I’ve had meeting you all. Lastly, a huge thank you to Alliance and all of our sponsors <3”

About Lowley leaving, chief strategy officer Kelly Ong says: “We’re sad to see Lowley go. He’s been a great competitor in Apex and an amazing member of the ALLFAM over the past year. It’s been a lot of fun to see his achievements and journey but on the other hand, we want him to be the very best he can be in all aspects of his life. And to do that, him taking care of his mental health comes above everything else.”

With the first Major qualifiers of the Apex Legend Global Series just two weeks away, Simon “Vaifs“ Bellini will soon be joined by their new IGL at bootcamp in Gothenburg while Alliance looks to lock down a new replacement for Lowley immediately.

More updates for Alliance Apex to come very soon.

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