Updates to Alliance VALORANT June 2021

June 17 2021

Gothenburg, Sweden 一 June 17th, 2021 一 As our VALORANT squad prepares for bootcamp at the Alliance HQ ahead of the second VCT qualifying season of the year, some changes to our roster have been made and will be as follows:

  • Mitchman who has been with us since the start of our journey will no longer be our team analyst
  • Alliance and xms has mutually decided to part ways after 3 months of official trials
  • kAdavraa had a short health break but will now return to our starting line-up

Our VALORANT GM, James Banks, has the following to add about the recent changes
On Mitchman:
“Without Mitch our roster wouldn’t be what it is today. Together we embarked on this adventure to build a top VALORANT team and it has been a pleasure for me to work alongside my best friend every step of the way. Sadly due to his commitments to the broadcast side of VALORANT and our evolution as a team we have to say farewell and a huge thank you to Mitch for everything he has done.

He will be missed by us all, his hardwork and dedication was fantastic but everyone has their limits and we all respect and understand his decision. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you Mitch and we will be supporting you on the broadcasts every step of the way but don’t you dare predict against us ;)”

On xms:
“Saying goodbye to a player like Alex is certainly hard, especially in a new game like VALORANT. He has tremendous experience and skill which is why we were able to play and work with him for a few months.

Since day one of building the team we put an extreme focus on having exactly what we needed inside and outside of the game. It would have been easy for us to decide to keep him and move things around within the team, such as changing players roles or positions but that would go against the foundations of what we built the team on and all the hard work the team has put in so far.

Everyone at Alliance wishes Alex the best of luck going forward and we hope he finds the right team to continue his career with.

Our focus now is on finding the right 5th to complete our lineup for the upcoming season. We are trialing a few different players at the moment and hope to have this completed soon but the main thing we want to do is not compromise on our beliefs.”

Stay tuned as our team competes in the upcoming VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 Europe Stage 3 Challengers starting 28th June.

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