Alliance are excited to welcome Lacari to their stream team!

April 30 2021

Enjoying our birthday month in great style

Alliance is home to some of the biggest entertainers on Twitch, who all have their own unique personality and diverse communities. Not only do we have existing competitive rosters competing LIVE, we also have our former world champions Adam “Armada” Lindgren and Henrik “Admiralbulldog” Ahnberg now entertaining fans worldwide alongside other global creators such as AmirPhanThom and most recently – princess Raeyei.

Today, we are proud to announce that they have added to that pool of amazing people, by welcoming “Lacari” to the family!

If you’ve been watching the ALLfam content creators, you should not be surprised to see Lacari’s name. Lacari and his community are equally fun and easy going. While he used to compete professionally in Tekken, his transition to content creation has been natural with his explosive personality. Whether it’s Dota 2, Tekken or every new Anime game under the sun – his viewers enjoy giving him expert advice and encouragement, especially when he goes on a LIVE Genshin Impact investing-with-no-return spree. His recent forays into the VR world has also caused a lot of excitement among his fans, old and new.

We are confident he will fit right in with Alliance, where we always strive to find dedicated people with distinctive personas whether it’s professional players or content creators. Lacari also joins Alliance as our first ever North American talent, starting a new cross Atlantic journey for the organisation.

“I’ve met a lot of people during my time streaming, and there wasn’t quite anyone I got along with better than the community surrounding AdmiralBulldog and Alliance,” Lacari explains. “So, when the opportunity presented itself I just felt like there was no better fit than to be with the boys. I really look forward to be streaming for Alliance and seeing you guys in chat, creating even better content than before now that I’m part of the team.”

Make sure to tune into at 1st of May, 5AM CEST (10pm CT), where he’s doing [A] “Ultimate Variety Stream”, and welcome him warmly into the Alliance family!

Be sure to give Lacari a follow on his channels to support his future ventures:

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