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Alliance are excited to welcome Raeyei to our family!

Gothenburg, Sweden – March, 19th 2021 – Alliance does not only field successful esports players in multiple divisions, we also have [A] great group of content creators ranging from budding creators to pop culture icons. Today, we are very proud to introduce the latest addition to this group who entertain fans globally. Not only is she a great addition to Alliance’s stream team – she’s also the first woman to sign with Alliance.

Raeyei has been on Alliance’s radar for quite some time. After starring in 9 mile, she had a stint Working midnight shift at The Convenience Store and most recently, a Professional Level 0 Chef. Her stream offers a fun and supportive atmosphere – whether she plays her staple game Dota 2 or something completely different. Raeyei has been streaming since 2017. At the time, she was working in Australia and found comfort in streaming. It made her feel less lonely and homesick. Since then, she’s grown an engaging community around her stream that loves what she does.

Raeyei fits perfectly into the Alliance family, with her fun and easy-going manner and dedicated community. Signing Raeyei a great milestone for the organisation, which boasts an arsenal of women working within the organisation. Raeyei is the first, but she most definitely won’t be the last.

“I’m not sure what exactly makes my stream unique since there are a lot of steamers out there… *smiles* But if anything, whenever I play single player games I like to explore every death scene to appreciate the work the devs put on it because most people would avoid it,” Raeyei says about joining the ALLfam. “It’s a great honor to be part of the team that I look up to ever since I followed pro dota. I’m excited and anxious at the same time but I’ll do my best for the ALLfam and their fans!”

To celebrate her joining Alliance, Raeyei will be having a fun cooking stream tomorrow (March 20th, Saturday) at around 8.00 CET (3pm SGT) with her community as her sous chef.

You can follow Raeyei here:
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About Alliance

Alliance is a world-renowned esports organisation fielding competitive players across some of the most popular video games in the world. Shortly after Alliance’s inception, their Dota 2 team, headed by Jonathan ‘Loda’ Berg, catapulted to the top of the scene with an innovative playstyle and went on to claim the Aegis of Champions when they won The International 2013.
Alliance’s mission is to create a lasting legacy that supports esports experiences across the globe. In working toward that goal, they’re determined to be a responsible organisation driven by their core values of dedication, teamwork, and community.


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Kelly Ong

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