Alliance are proud to welcome their very own Chess Queen

October 11 2021

Alliance are proud to welcome their very own queen

Signs Dutch chess master Anna-Maja Kazarian

Earlier this year, Alliance asked their fans to decide which division to pick up next. The poll was run through sponsor Socios, where fans were pretty clear – They wanted to see a chess player next.

Since then, Alliance has been hard at working finding the perfect chess player to fit into the Alliance organisation. Today, they are proud to welcome the incredibly talented Dutch Anna-Maja Kazarian!

Anna-Maja has been playing chess since she was only six years old, and began competing a year later. Her results in her career so far are incredibly impressive, especially considering she’s only 21 years old. She is a champion in a total of 26 (!) different categories. She also holds the titles of both FIDE Master and Woman International Master – The latter being the second highest women’s title. If that wasn’t enough, she’s also studying artificial intelligence at university.

In 2020, Anna-Maja started streaming on Twitch, with focus on her playing chess. However, she also plays a variety of other games on a regular basis.

Anna-Maja will fit perfectly in the Alliance organisation. Not only with her personable, happy persona, but also with her strive to be the absolute best. It also doesn’t hurt that adding another woman to Alliance’s competitive roster helps even the representation, hoping to act as a positive example to other organisations and businesses in the gaming and sports industry.

Quote from Anna-Maja:

“As a professional chess player and content creator it is amazing to see how far the game of chess has come in the past two years. No one imagined that chess, a game that’s over a thousand years old, would become a popular esport. I’m extremely excited and honored to sign with Alliance as one of Europe’s first chess signees! Everyone at Alliance has been so welcoming and caring, and I can’t wait to meet all the other amazing people here ”

Quote from Kelly Ong Xiao Wei, CSO Alliance:

“The warmest of welcome to Anna-Maja who will be the first female pro in any competitive division Alliance has ever fielded.

After looking closely into Chess for half a year, today we are proud to say we will be the home of Anna-Maja, currently a WIM holder. Embracing the true spirit of Alliance, we will work towards her goals of achieving Grandmaster and what it means to be a modern chess player today and beyond. Chess has been embraced by the esports industry and together with Anna-Maja we will create new frontiers to explore for all women chess players world wide both competitively and also globally with content creation.

Alliance cannot wait to be with her on this exciting new journey together.”

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